Upstate is Different. Let’s Acknowledge it and Get to Work

One thing we see and hear regularly during this pandemic is “we’re all in this together.”  It’s a statement that can actually carry several different meanings.  Are we all supporting health care workers and first responders however we can?  Of course!  Are we all feeling a similar fear?  Most likely.  Are we all feeling the […]

Recovering from COVID and Restarting Upstate

As we appear to have seen a plateau in COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations in New York -particularly Upstate where we were fortunate to avoid the worst of the outbreak – the attention of many is turning to how we restart our lives and our economy, rebuild the momentum we had going, and provide the strongest […]

Get Involved

2020 is going to be a very important year for the UJP. With much of the media attention focused on COVID-19 and Bail Reform, Upstate economic issues look to again be taking a backseat for Albany power brokers. We need your help to fight back against this. Make sure you follow UJP on Facebook and Twitter, and drop us a […]

Our 2020 Approach

Candidates backed by UJP have seen incredible success all over New York State.  In 2020, we’ll be building our volunteer network and seeking like-minded candidates all over the State — in the Capital Region, Mohawk Valley, Central New York, Hudson Valley, North County and Western New York. Because UJP is not yet a recognized political […]

UJP Seeks Fairness in Petitioning Requirements

Given the challenges posed by the COVID-19 outbreak, NYS rightly cut short petitioning and minimum signature requirements for major party candidates last month.  However, the State didn’t do the same for the upcoming independent designating petition period.  A few weeks ago, UJP issued a press release calling for a reduction, considering the minimums would far […]

Governor seeks to kill independent voices

With a major health crisis impacting our State, nation and world, most eyes are turned to important issues of public health.  However, that hasn’t stopped the Governor from trying to kill off the chance for independent thinking at the ballot box.  In New York, there is currently an ability for new political parties to be formed […]