A Broken System

For far too long, New York’s political system has been a clear example of all that’s wrong with politics. Party bosses, special interests, dirty money, and lobbyists call the shots and the result is one of the least transparent, least ethical, and least effective governing structures in the US.

This system is rigged to prevent competition, whether through blatantly gerrymandered districts, totally unfair ballot access standards, a broken campaign finance system that builds pay to play environments, or even shockingly undemocratic practices like removing duly authorized candidates from the ballot through consolidation. The result of this broken system is generations of corruption and shameful behavior by a litany of bad actors — from back bench legislators and staffers to every constitutional officer in recent history.

This system rewards the bad guy and needs to be changed! Think it’s just a few recent issues? Think again!

Fix the System

Resources on New York Public Corruption

NY Times special section on Albany Corruption: Albany on Trial

Museum of Public Corruption in Albany

Empire Center for Public Policy

Common Cause NY

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Timeline of Corruption and Shame


Governor Andrew Cuomo – Resigned as Governor (Sexual Harassment allegations)


Attorney General Eric Schneiderman – Resigned as Attorney General (sex and assault scandals)

Joe Percoco – Senior Cuomo aide resigns (bribery conviction/jailtime)

Alain Kaloyeros – Senior Cuomo Appointee (bid-rigging conviction)

Assemblywoman Pamela Harris – Resigned (pled guilty to wire fraud involving misappropriated FEMA aid)


Assemblyman Marc Panepinto – did not seek re-election (allegations of trading political favors for sex)


Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver – Expelled from Assembly (convicted for corruption and kickbacks)

Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos – Expelled from Senate (convicted of corruption charges)


Assemblyman Sam Hoyt – Resigns from Assembly (allegations of sexual harassment)


Governor David Paterson – Choses to leave office (allegations of perjury, witness tampering and rumors of sex and drug escapades)

Senator Hiram Monseratte – Expelled from Senate (convicted of assault)

Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada – Stripped of leadership (convicted of corruption)


Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno – Resigned from Senate (corruption allegations)

Governor Eliot Spitzer – Resigned (prostitution scandal)


Comptroller Alan Hevesi – Resigned as Comptroller (convicted of corruption)