About Unite NY

Unite NY is a new political home for moderate and middle-of-the-road voters and candidates left behind by hyper-partisan shifts on both the Right and the Left. The extremes in both parties continue to pull them further to the fringes, refusing compromise and cooperation at the risk of being bi-partisan or giving someone from the other party a perceived victory.

By building collaboration among leaders from all parties, Unite NY will seek to address New York’s greatest problems with common sense solutions. For far too long, we’ve been told that to participate in our democracy, it is necessary to choose one of the two major parties, often the lesser of two evils. This two-party doom loop leaves New Yorkers out in the cold and diminishes the voices of more than 2.7 million voters that don’t feel at home enough to register in either party.

Unite NY is the new political home for voters and candidates fed up with partisan bickering. Established in early 2021, Unite NY will welcome voters and candidates from all parties and will be seeking official ballot status in 2022. Unite NY has been active in supporting candidates and issues that will offer common sense solutions to problems faced across the Empire State.

Praying for Change