Aaron Metras, Monroe County Chair

Aaron Metras

Aaron Metras is a resident of Monroe County with his wife and four daughters.  He and his wife currently own Salena’s Mexican Restaurant, where he started as a dishwasher, and Nox Cocktail in Rochester.  He was a co-founder of RYCE, the Rochester Youth Culinary Experience, a non-profit, student run restaurant which was created to teach business and entrepreneurial skills to City of Rochester High school students. Aaron served as President of the Neighborhood of the Arts Business Association for eight years, working to create a productive business environment and advocating for the needs of local businesses. Prior to his restaurant ownership, Aaron spent ten years working in the field of developmental disabilities in various capacities.

Aaron’s background in business and human services has provided a unique perspective to see the unique balance of relationships between business success and the needs of people. This combined experience has allowed him to see firsthand what is needed to create a thriving community.

Aaron Received a B.A. in History from the University at Buffalo and has credits towards the Master of Public Administration program from SUNY Brockport.  He is a graduate of the Parent Leadership Training Institute, a nationwide organization training leaders to advocate for the needs of Children and parents in their community through grassroots and government action.

Aaron is currently a Dean of the Rochester Chapter of the Awesome Foundation which provides $1000 no-strings-attached microgrants to people and groups working on projects bringing awesome to the community.

Aaron is committed to job creation, educational reform, and breaking down political barriers so that our communities and businesses can thrive in a manner that benefits everyone.