Dan O’Sullivan, Albany County Chair

Dan O'Sullivan

Daniel O’Sullivan has over 30 years of general business experience with an entrepreneurial focus on strategic planning, sales, making and business development, executed both inside and outside early and growth-stage technologies companies. As an executive, manager, management consultant and investor, he has been actively involved in founding, funding, and building startup companies.

Dan’s expertise is in analyzing markets, identifying opportunities, discovering and defining product-market fit, cultivating early adopters, crafting marketing strategies and positioning, and establishing revenue and sales channels. His entrepreneurial activities have been predominately in software, but have also included both B2B and B2C products and services in other industries as well. Results have included multiple non-starts, failures and successes.

He is a mentor steering committee member at the Thought Into Action Entrepreneurship Institute at Colgate University, and is actively involved in working with several software startups in Upstate NY.

Dan has been active with the Upstate Jobs Party since its inception.