Robin Dalton, Policy Coordinator

Robin Dalton

Robin Dalton is the Unite NY Policy Coordinator, driving and supporting important discussions on economic policy, government reform, and economic development as UNY seeks to fix a broken State economy. She has enjoyed a rich and diverse career in news, publishing, real estate, and politics. Following her graduation from Cornell University, Robin served as a producer and media coordinator for News Corporation, including special team reporting throughout the Iraq War, the 2004 Democratic and Republican Conventions, London Bombings and Hurricane Katrina.

As an entrepreneur, Robin launched the successful Saratoga Social publication, curating content and driving successful monetization of TSS multi-media platforms. For more than a decade, she’s provided specialty customer support to commercial real estate sector in the thriving Saratoga Springs market.

In 2019, Dalton was elected to serve as the Saratoga Springs Commissioner of Public Safety, serving as Department Head of the Department of Public Safety, responsible for the overall operation of the Police Department, the Fire Department, Code Administration, Animal Control, Parking Enforcement and emergency planning.

She lives in Saratoga Springs with her husband and four children.