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One Year of Polling Research Conclusively Proves New Yorkers Want Important Governmental Reforms

Term Limits, Citizen Ballot Initiatives, Increased Ballot Access, and Nonpartisan Primaries are Extremely Popular with Voters Albany, NY (November 27, 2023) – Non-partisan Unite New York unveiled its fourth Voter Empowerment Index (VEI) of 2023, and the data is stark, as one year of polling research definitively proves New York voters want government reform initiatives […]

UNY in the News: LTE from Capital Region Lead

More choices and more voices make a better democracy by Barbara Collura The recent decision by the State Supreme Court to allow independent candidate Kellin Rowlands to remain on the ballot as a candidate for Bethlehem Town Board was a win for democracy and I was so disappointed to see the decision appealed by our […]

Independence or Tyranny?

As we ponder the anniversary of our great nation’s independence, are we also staring into a willful tyranny of the minority? Absurdly low turnout in recent primaries and general elections show just how powerless New York voters feel – and how easy it is for elected officials to take advantage. This great recent piece from […]

The Right Problem, the Wrong Solution

Unite NY works every day to engage and empower voters and work for solutions to bring more people out to vote, allow more candidates to get on the ballot and improve our democracy. Politics in New York are too polarized and our organization strongly believes that the solution to this problem is to enact reforms […]