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Unite NY Kicks Off New Membership Opportunities!

Fighting for more democracy is the driving force behind Unite NY and why the organization works every day to give more voices, more choices. The premise of Unite NY is simple, if democracy in New York is a good thing, more democracy is better. While driving change in politics is hard, the good news is […]

Gas Ban in NYS budget, Not Reform

As is so often the case, the New York State budget that was just passed contained agreements on a number of non-budget issues, like banning gas stoves, but did not contain one single democracy reform initiative New Yorkers desperately need and strongly support. The budget was passed more than a month late, holding hostage state […]

Guest Post: Monroe County’s Redistricting Mess

This blog is a guest post from Monroe County Legislator Rachel Barnhart I am a Monroe County Legislator, a Democrat and a longtime activist for good government. Like many of you, I hate gerrymandering, the manipulation of voting district lines to help parties and candidates. That’s why I’m supporting an ongoing lawsuit against the recently-enacted […]