Big Wins at the Ballot Box Uniting NY

Since the beginning of the year, Unite NY has beat the drum that New Yorkers are tired of a broken system, and seek a better government that treats all fairly and without bias.  We shared stories about why an honest and open government is a necessity for our free.  Apparently, New Yorkers agreed, as Unite NY-backed candidates Ben Walsh and Scott Steve scored victories in their races for Mayor of Syracuse and Cortland respectively. The wins were huge for the people they represent, but even more so for a transformational governing philosophy desperately needed in New York.

“People over Party” isn’t just a slogan at Unite NY, it’s a core value. It’s what we believe. It’s the reason why we started this growing movement. So, when we endorse candidates, we do it expressly to support people and issues that focus on how we can bring people together, and not tear them apart.

In October, Unite NY enthusiastically endorsed Ben Walsh for reelection as Mayor of Syracuse. We cited efforts to restore public trust in government and his commitment to post-partisan politics as a huge part of the reason why.

Syracuse voters agreed with us and reelected its first independent mayor in more than 100 years with over 60% of the vote, more than 30 points higher than his closest opponent.  Unite NY is proud to have helped, running digital and social media ads supporting Mayor Walsh that reached more than 600,000 impressions!

In Cortland, not only did we endorse Scott Steve, the mayor-elect ran on the Unite NY line. His detail-oriented campaign, filled with specific goals, a laser focus on transparency, financial accountability, and job creation was a hit with the voters, as he won the race, and will be the next Mayor of Cortland. 

This race was a little closer, with Mayor-elect Steve outpacing his opponent by a few hundred votes.  Unite NY is proud to have driven awareness to hundreds of voters in Cortland, noting Scott’s virtues as a candidate.

On a statewide level, voters rejected Proposition 1, a proposal Unite NY firmly opposed. The proposition was presented as “election reform” but, would have actually made access to democracy even more difficult, consolidating power more firmly with the entrenched interests that are eroding our democracy.

Unite NY was launched this year to build collaboration among leaders from all parties and persuasions and address New York’s greatest problems with common sense solutions. Election night proved that voters agree.

What’s next for Unite NY?  We have noted more than once that NY’s closed primary system disenfranchises independent voters and wrongly empowers Party bosses.  We asked world-renowned pollster John Zogby to see if voters agree, and he’ll be sharing those results at a special event on December 1.  Click here to learn more about that event and to secure your tickets…you’re going to be blown away by the results!