WUTR: Catching Up with Martin Babinec

By Grace Fernandez | WUTR ABC

Still On a Mission to Create Jobs

Yesterday we touched on some of his reflections regarding the campaign running as an independent, but he tells me the campaign wasn’t a complete loss as it helped spread his message on creating jobs.

“We’ve run a good race, it has been difficult as a third party candidate,” said Martin Babinec 4 months ago commenting on his loss in the 2016 congressional race.

Watch video interview w/ Martin on creating jobs in Upstate NY -> 

“I do believe as a result of the exposure of the campaign I had the chance to meet a lot of really good people and spread that message to some people that are already now helping us in that effort that before the campaign were not part of the process.”

That message through his campaign and still to this day is helping new companies develop and thrive.

“In new york state we tend to think that jobs are created by big corporations.” He says we’ve been approaching job creation the wrong way.

“Why do we not have more of those people that are very smart and coming to school here, why are they not starting companies here? Because it’s too hard for them.”

He says the campaign process made him more aware that not enough people understand how jobs are created. “I do feel some satisfaction that in the 6 years that we’ve been working at this, in ‘Upstate Venture Connect‘, the non-profit, we’ve seen an impact that we’ve been able to make.”

His non profit along with other projects he’s focusing on all share the common goal of helping keep young talent in upstate New York by helping them get started with their own business, investing in them financially and emotionally.

“How do we identify promising entrepreneurs and how do we in the community help them start and grow these companies in the newer industries– because that’s what creates jobs.”

Babinec says the upstate jobs party, which came out as a result of his campaign efforts, is something he wants to actively move forward for 2018.