New Yorker Demand Term Limits

At Unite NY our simple credo is, if democracy is good, more democracy is better.  Few issues more simply or better exemplifies this than term limits. Incumbents, in heavily gerrymandered district, armed with countless advantages over challengers, often stay in office for decades, leaving New York voters with fewer choices and feeling powerless in the […]

Frustrated by NY Politics? Join Unite NY and Represent Us for a virtual event on driving change that matters!

On July 11 at noon, reformers and average people from all over New York will be coming together to discuss the problems we face with a broken election system in New York and how we can work together to fix it! Join us at noon on Tuesday July 11 online and learn more here!

Independence or Tyranny?

As we ponder the anniversary of our great nation’s independence, are we also staring into a willful tyranny of the minority? Absurdly low turnout in recent primaries and general elections show just how powerless New York voters feel – and how easy it is for elected officials to take advantage. This great recent piece from […]

The Right Problem, the Wrong Solution

Unite NY works every day to engage and empower voters and work for solutions to bring more people out to vote, allow more candidates to get on the ballot and improve our democracy. Politics in New York are too polarized and our organization strongly believes that the solution to this problem is to enact reforms […]

Unite NY Kicks Off New Membership Opportunities!

Fighting for more democracy is the driving force behind Unite NY and why the organization works every day to give more voices, more choices. The premise of Unite NY is simple, if democracy in New York is a good thing, more democracy is better. While driving change in politics is hard, the good news is […]

Gas Ban in NYS budget, Not Reform

As is so often the case, the New York State budget that was just passed contained agreements on a number of non-budget issues, like banning gas stoves, but did not contain one single democracy reform initiative New Yorkers desperately need and strongly support. The budget was passed more than a month late, holding hostage state […]

Guest Post: Monroe County’s Redistricting Mess

This blog is a guest post from Monroe County Legislator Rachel Barnhart I am a Monroe County Legislator, a Democrat and a longtime activist for good government. Like many of you, I hate gerrymandering, the manipulation of voting district lines to help parties and candidates. That’s why I’m supporting an ongoing lawsuit against the recently-enacted […]

Partisan Politics Doesn’t Work…But the Nonpartisan Movement is Growing

Image courtesy the Wall St. Journal When Unite NY launched less than two short years ago, it was clear New York was, and is, operating with a broken partisan political system. Our state is governed by a two-party duopoly controlled by a small handful of partisan leaders catering to large donors that puts party power […]

United with Unite America

When Unite NY was initially established, we were inspired by leaders, organizations, and political operations pursuing bipartisan solutions to the problems that could bridge our ever-widening political divide. But throughout our formation and continued pursuance of sensible solutions to problems facing New York voters, one entity shone most prominently: Unite America. As a movement of […]

It’s Time for Initiative and Referendum in New York

Unite NY launched with a simple, yet powerful premise: people over party. Our reasoning for this was simple. When we empower voters and not party bosses, we can create a more representative and functional government. Unfortunately, New York’s government is an example of everything that’s wrong with politics. Party bosses, special interests, and lobbyists are […]