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Lieutenant Governor Brian Benjamin

Lieutenant Governor Brian Benjamin resigns amid charges of campaign finance crimes (Image courtesy

Senator Vincent Leibell

Sentenced to prison in May 2011 for obstruction of justice and tax evasion

Senator Nick Spano

Plead guilty in June 2012 to tax evasion

Senator Carl Kruger

In April of 2012 he was sentenced to seven years in prison for accepting half a million dollars in bribes

Assemblyman Vito Lopez

Resigned in May of 2013 for sexually harassing female staff members

Senator Shirley Huntley

Plead guilty in January of 2013 to embezzling state funds

Assemblywoman Gabriela Rosa

Plead guilty in June 2014 to lying to immigration authorities and for making false statements in a bankruptcy petition

Assemblyman William Boyland

Convicted in March 2014 on 21 federal charges, including bribery, mail fraud and extortion

Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith

Found guilty in February of 2014 of scheming to bribe his way onto the ballot in the 2013 New York City mayoral election

Assemblyman Eric Stevenson

Convicted in January of 2014 of bribery and extortion