TWC News: Film Crew Takes Closer Look at Outsider Politics

By Melissa Krull | TWC News

Time Warner Cable Interviews Martin Babinec and the Film Crew of ‘Running Independent’

Election season may be over, but some are still taking a closer look at the political process. A film crew followed a former 22nd Congressional District candidate on the campaign trail, and the end result is a series called “Running Independent.” The producers share their motivation and findings with Reporter Melissa Krull.

According to Martin Babinec, when he ran as an independent, it was like starting from scratch.

“So this is very difficult,” said Babinec. “To begin with zero organizations, zero volunteers, and then say, ‘we gotta reach 490,000 voters.’ This is a big district. We don’t have a lot of time.”

Babinec is a former candidate in the 22nd Congressional District race.

“I was curious,” film producer Ander Kazmerski said. “There was a guy from Little Falls, my hometown, running as an Independent. I had a family member who was at one of his early campaigns, and I got his contact information, and gave him a call, and it just kind of took off from there.”

A film crew followed Babinec on the campaign trail. There followed him at headquarters, at events, and on the road. They posted the videos online during the election season.

“Being followed around by cameras was not something that I was looking forward to because there’s a lot of risk,” Babinec said.

However, he says it did make him a better speaker.

“Martin as an Independent ran up against quite a few walls that we didn’t know existed in the system, and so being there, firsthand, experiencing politics, gave us a different feel of what actually goes on,” said Alex Weiser, a producer of “Running Independent.”

Babinec says the events in the videos are not staged, including a scene in one episode where he appears to have been followed.

The producers hope viewers will learn more about what struggles independent candidates face.

“There are systems in place to help Democrats and Republicans run and get volunteers. And somebody who wants to try and run on their own with their message, their own party, it’s really difficult, and I think we just want people to understand that,” Kazmerski said.

The videos are posted online and the producers say they’re hoping to explore the topic further.

To watch the “Running Independent” segments about Babinec’s campaign, visit this website.