Growing Legislative Support for Unite NY’s More Voices, More Choices Campaign

Nonpartisan Organization Hosts Lobby Event in State Capitol Advocating for Needed Election Reforms

(Albany, NY) Unite NY, a non-profit, nonpartisan movement focused on reforming and improving New York State elections and government, kicked off its 2024 campaign with a whirlwind of activity. For two days, Unite NY members from the North Country, Central New York, Capital Region, Queens and Manhattan took to the State Capitol in Albany asking state lawmakers to strengthen our democracy. Their message was focused on Unite NY’s five pillars to improve New York State elections and government:

  • Term limits for statewide elected officials
  • Citizen ballot initiatives 
  • Increased ballot access for candidates
  • Instant runoffs/Rank Choice Voting
  • Nonpartisan primaries 

Unite NY met with 18 members and legislative offices in support of two important pieces of legislation that embrace Unite NY’s priorities. Unite NY is supporting Assemblymember Monica Wallace’s Bill A9095 calling for term limits for the governor, lieutenant-governor, comptroller, and attorney-general. With this legislation’s enactment, each office holder would be restricted to three terms in office.

Unite NY also supports Assemblymember Robert Carroll’s A00479, which would establish a Ranked Choice Voting method for nonpartisan primary elections when more than two candidates file for the race. This legislation would permit all registered voters to participate in the Ranked Choice Voting nonpartisan primary for all federal, state, and local elections. It would not include the presidential primary. The nonpartisan primary ballot would include all candidates, listed by their party affiliation, and use ranked choice voting to determine the top two finishers. The top two would then advance to the general election.

“New Yorkers deserve more and better options in their elections and their government and these two pieces of legislation will help improve democracy,” said Unite NY’s Executive Director Tim Dunn. “Unite NY’s polling shows 80% of New Yorkers support term limits. They’re tired of the same slate of candidates in election after election. Rank choice will also help build excitement for elections as well because it empowers the voters. These reforms are necessary to give voters a bigger voice in the future of New York.” 

This exciting lobby event came on the heels of Unite NY announcing new staff and Board Members joining the growing movement.

About Unite NY

Unite NY is a movement focused on engaging and empowering voters on important issues of reform that will allow for more voices and more choices and ultimately, more democracy. The membership organization seeks a more fair, open, and representative democracy that results in the voice of voters being heard by evolving the electoral system so that officials put what more voters want ahead of party interests. Learn more at