New Yorkers need solutions—now.

We know the issues holding us back. But we also know there are sensible, bipartisan measures that could bridge the divide and deliver the tomorrow we deserve—if we choose to pursue it. Unite NY believes we can.

Unite NY, People Over Party

More voices, more choices.

New York needs to change, but it won’t happen until residents can choose from a diversified list of candidates who truly represent their voice — instead of begrudgingly selecting between the lesser of two evils on a ballot. There are ways to do this, and, in turn, create a more accessible, equitable, and democratic government for us all.
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Amplify your voice

More Candidates

Make it easier for candidates to get on the ballot so voters have more choices.

Our Votes Matter

Term Limits

The pursuit and maintenance of power has resulted in some bad outcomes. Let’s fix that.

Initiative Referendum

Initiative and Referendum

Let’s allow voters to have a say on important issues.  Maybe then important issues will get addressed.

Ranked Choice Voting

Ranked Choice Voting

RCV ensures the most popular candidate wins while making sure candidates are seeking the broadest support — not just catering to the extremes.

Open Primaries

Nonpartisan Primaries

Preventing 3 million voters from participating in primaries results in candidates selected by the extremes. We can do better.

“Our political system isn’t broken.
It’s fixed.”

Katherine Gehl
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