New Poll Finds Nearly One in Three New York City Voters Considering Leaving

60%+ point to broken and corrupt government as the reason

Majority of voters support Term Limits and Citizen Ballot Initiatives.

As New Yorkers reflect on yet another late budget, a new Unite NY/Citizen Data poll, unsurprisingly shows City voters are not happy with the current state of government and elections. The survey of more than 1000 registered voters found nearly one-third (28.6%) are considering leaving New York City because of the political environment. Extrapolated over the entire population, that means nearly 2.4 million are currently considering moving.

While this is lower than the 42% statewide who said they are considering leaving New York when asked the same question in 2023, this number is troubling when considering recent significant population losses post-COVID. When asked why they are considering leaving New York, most cited higher taxes, but nearly two-thirds said: “the government is too broken and/or corrupt.”

Unite NY is a movement focused on finding better solutions for government and the more than 1,000 respondents showed they strongly support changes that could improve New York’s elections and voter turnout. Nearly two-thirds (64%) of NYC registered voters say they would support term limits for governor. The state legislature is considering legislation that would impose term limits for all statewide officers, a bill Unite NY strongly supports. 

Additionally, 70.7% New York City voters overwhelmingly back a “Citizens Ballot Initiatives” – this process would allow voters to bypass the state legislature and place proposed legislation directly on the ballot for approval. This process would empower voters to take on the issues they say are the most pressing. In New York City, a majority (54.3%) say crime and public safety is the top issue that the government should address, followed closely (46.8%) by developing a plan to address refugee and immigration issues.

“For the second year in row, the state budget deal is weeks late and fails to address what New Yorkers want. With a budget double the size of Florida, and too many of our residents packing for the Sunshine State, we risk further alienating the many New York City voters saying their voices are not being heard. We ignore them at our own peril and that apathy will only grow. Unite NY is urging our elected officials to heed to the results of this poll and make the necessary changes to give voters a bigger voice and more choices,” said Unite NY Executive Director Timothy Dunn.

Click here to view the full Unite NY/Citizens Data poll.


Citizens Data surveyed 1,008 New York City voters from February 16-March 1. The margin of error is +/-3.1%.

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