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The Right Problem, the Wrong Solution

Unite NY works every day to engage and empower voters and work for solutions to bring more people out to vote, allow more candidates to get on the ballot and improve our democracy. Politics in New York are too polarized and our organization strongly believes that the solution to this problem is to enact reforms […]

Unite NY Kicks Off New Membership Opportunities!

Fighting for more democracy is the driving force behind Unite NY and why the organization works every day to give more voices, more choices. The premise of Unite NY is simple, if democracy in New York is a good thing, more democracy is better. While driving change in politics is hard, the good news is […]

Gas Ban in NYS budget, Not Reform

As is so often the case, the New York State budget that was just passed contained agreements on a number of non-budget issues, like banning gas stoves, but did not contain one single democracy reform initiative New Yorkers desperately need and strongly support. The budget was passed more than a month late, holding hostage state […]

In The News

UNY in the Buffalo News: Voters deserve term-limited politicians

Did you catch our recent OpEd in the Buffalo News? Check it out here or below. Just last month, New York held its presidential primary. You’re forgiven if you didn’t know it. Unless you’re a die hard voter, you probably joined more than 95% of eligible voters who skipped it. Low turnout is nothing new […]

UNY in the News – Newsday OpEd

Did you catch our recent Editorial in Newsday? It’s time for Term Limits in New York to root out corruption and return our government to the hands of the voters! Check it out here: Read the full content here: By Timothy Dunn Guest essay April 8, 2024 It seems that every time we go to […]

UNY in the News: Term Limits on Capital Tonight

Our Executive Director was on Spectrum’s Capital Tonight talking term limits on National Term Limits Day. Did you catch it? Check out the coverage here!