State of Politics: NY-22: Babinec Files Petitions for Ballot Line

By: State of Politics

Martin Babinec, a businessman who is launching an independent bid for a central New York congressional seat, has filed more than 10,000 signatures with the Board of Elections in order to form the Upstate Jobs Party ballot line, his campaign on Monday announced.

“We’ve experienced a groundswell of support from voters across the district who are tired of the same old phony promises from both parties about creating jobs – they want a real plan and real action,” said Babinec in a statement.

To gain access to the ballot with a newly formed line, Babinec’s campaign needed to submit 3,500 signatures from a registered voter who has previously not signed a petition for a congressional candidate. All told, Babinec’s campaign submitted nearly three times that amount, 10,122.

Republican Claudia Tenney and Democrat Kim Myers are also vying for the seat that is being vacated by Republican Rep. Richard Hanna this year.

Babinec’s campaign, meanwhile, is trying to stake out an independent streak in the congressional race.

The system is rigged against outsiders like me who seek to make a difference. From the arcane rules, to the steep ballot requirements and a quasi-professional underfunded electoral machinery controlled by the two-parties, for the two parties – it is nearly impossible for concerned citizens to run for office, said Babinec.