General Member (one-year)

Do you care about NY’s broken political system and want to do something about it? Are you looking to lobby for change, run for office, or just feel like you want to do something other than complain? Then join UniteNY as a General Member for only $25 for one year!

General Members will have access to:

  • Our monthly newsletter.
  • An optional introductory meeting with UNY team to discuss priorities and focus on reform.
  • A quarterly members-only virtual gathering, including special guests and government/reform leaders
  • Insider updates on Albany advocacy efforts
  • Early access to UNY Social and policy regional events.

General Membership is for those who care about the mission of UNY and want to get involved, stay informed and make a difference. Members have the opportunity to get more involved in UNY activity, connect with other members in the network and contribute to help advocate for change. Membership fees support UNY programmatic activities as well as help fund advocacy in Albany for the UNY reform agenda.

Get involved, stay informed, make a difference — become a Unite NY Member!