Leader (one-year)

Join us as a Leader if you want to be informed, grow the UNY cause, and make a difference in New York’s broken system for only $75 for one year!

You’ll enjoy all the same benefits and opportunities as General Members. In addition, you’ll be able to connect with other members in the network to move the organization forward, recruit new members, invite guests to special events and even help pave the way for connections and resources as UNY expands its reach.

Benefits for Leaders include:

  • All benefits of General Membership, including the monthly newsletter and quarterly members-only virtual gatherings, featuring special guests and government/reform leaders
  • Access to an online community with opportunity to engage with others in threaded discussion groups on topics related to reform and advocacy
  • Invites to Leaders-only virtual sessions on selected topics
  • Leaders can earn special status by demonstrating following and participation in UNY events, social media, threaded discussion groups, etc.
  • Early access and “plus one” guest access to all UNY events

Leaders will be interviewed by UNY staff for introductions to others in the network including those at the “Investment” level, and will be eligible to request an “Office Hours” appointment with members of UNY’s leadership team.

Ready to roll up your sleeves and help fix NY’s broken political system? Become a UniteNY Leader!