UNY Presents John Zogby – An Evening Discussing Voter Attitudes Towards Reform

For far too long, New York’s political system has been a clear example of all that’s wrong with politics.  Party bosses, special interests, dirty money, and lobbyists call the shots and the result is one of the least transparent, least ethical, and least effective governing structures in the US. Less than 30 percent of general elections for state Legislature are competitive in New York state; 70 percent of elections are actually decided in the primaries that millions of voters are excluded from, a number that continues to rise.  Our friends at Open Primaries outlined just how big of a problem this is in New York early in 2021.

Join Unite NY for a special presentation on Open Primaries and other reforms in New York. Earlier this year, globally-recognized pollster John Zogby surveyed New York voters about various political reforms, including open primaries. Join Unite New York and leaders from across the state to learn more about his findings.

Event is Wednesday, December 1 from 5:00 – 7:00PM at the Rock City Centre, 690 East Main Street Little Falls, NY. Free parking is available across the street in the Little Falls City Parking Lot.

Tickets can be purchased here.

Following this event, join Unite NY leadership, Martin Babinec, and Mr. Zogby for an exclusive dinner at the Canal Side Inn featuring a special $45 fixed price menu.

To join us for the delicious meal shown to the left, you can purchase in advance here.

If you’re traveling from out of town, we’ve blocked off a small group of rooms at one of Upstate NY’s most unique boutique hotels, the Inn at the Stone Mill. Please email Info@UniteNY.org with the subject line “Dec 1 Hotel” to secure your room!

John Zogby and Martin Babinec have donated books they will personalize on site for attendees interested in making an optional contribution to support Unite NY’s non partisan fundraising efforts for political reform

For a contribution of $30 choose either We are Many, We are One: Neo-Tribes and Tribal Analytics in 21st Century America or Martin Babinec’s  More Good Jobs: An Entrepreneurs Action Plan to Create Change in Your Community.

Even better, get both books personalized for a contribution of $50! 

You can make your dinner reservation and/or make optional contributions to Unite NY here

If you’re traveling from out of town, we’ve blocked off a small group of rooms at one of Upstate NY’s most unique boutique hotels, the Inn at Stone Mill. To secure a room in our block, please email Info@UniteNY.org with the subject line “Dec 1 Hotel” and we will connect you with the lodging host for finalizing the reservation.

About John Zogby

John Zogby is a pollster, author, trend-spotter, and thought leader. John has spent the past four decades as one of the most accurate pollsters in the world, conducting business in 80 countries, and leading the way in finding the meaning, story, direction, and usefulness of the data collected.Learn more here.