Solutions for a Broken State

New York’s political system is broken. From the stranglehold of the state’s prevailing party duopoly to inadequate voter access to an ever-increasing division on vital issues, state residents are not getting the representation they deserve or the basic services they should expect from those who hold office.

This isn’t just unfortunate; it’s unnecessary. 

There are sensible, bipartisan ways to fix the inadequacies that continue to plague the Empire State. Yes, the problems are many, and we’ve addressed many through our on-the-ground actions, blog posts, and social media feeds. But at Unite NY, we know there are fixes to these problems that put people before needless politics, and we can pursue these reforms to deliver a more accessible and democratic government for us all. 

Our latest move in this pursuit: our new Solutions page, which provides a more detailed, focused, and fact-based approach to how we can work together to achieve a better New York.   

The page outlines two areas of focus to increase voices and choices:

  • Ballot Access
  • Initiative & Referendum

And three more we deem essential to real political reform:

  • Ranked-Choice Voting
  • Vote at Home 
  • Open Primaries

The reason for zeroing in on these matters is simple: more choice. Initiating or strengthening each provides more access for candidates and voters to have a real role in shaping New York’s future, and moves the state to resembling a true democracy—instead of the two-party, limited possibilities-laden landscape it’s become. 

We’re now facing our first two-candidate gubernatorial race in nearly eight decades. New York remains one of only nine states in the U.S. with closed primaries; and if the state’s continued voter disenchantment continues, the number of unaffiliated voters could soar past its current 3.5 million number, keeping even more people from having a say in their district’s or state’s political representation. 

This is why these solutions need to be illuminated, reviewed, and pursued harder than ever before. We are New Yorkers, and we deserve a real say in who leads us forward. solutions can get us there, and help achieve a more equitable home state—one voice at a time. 

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