Unite NY Solutions

Unite NY knows that there are plenty of issues to be addressed in New York State. We have lost more than one million in population over the last decade. We lag in nearly every economic category, and boast one of the least transparent, least ethical and least accessible governments in the nation. Unite NY supports candidates and solutions to address these issues.

We want common sense, bipartisan approaches to fixing the big issues.[

Fix Broken Trust

Restoring Public Trust

  1. Reform the Joint Commission on Public Ethics (JCOPE) to empower independent leadership, rather than allow the Governor to appoint his own investigator.
  2. Expand public integrity responsibilities to include violations of FOIL law and open government rules.
  3. Overhaul campaign finance rules to prevent massive war chests from dissuading opposing candidates.
Fix Broken Democracy

Rebuild Our Democracy

  1. Reduce ballot access requirements to ensure a variety of voices can be heard at the polling place, not just the two-party duopoly. Success for Unite NY’s statewide ballot access would allow for greater independence from party bosses.
  2. Implement good government reforms like initiative and referendum, as well as recall provision, injecting more democracy into our government and putting power in the hands of the people.
  3. Consider creative approaches to election reform, including term limits, vote at home, independent redistricting, open primaries, ranked choice voting, and other ways to encourage more voter participation and engagement.
Fix Broken Economy

Reinvigorate Our Economy

  1. Address a failing approach to rural and upstate broadband access to allow our businesses, families and students to succeed in a digital world — no matter where they’re based.
  2. Reform economic development practices to get the government out of the business of picking private sector winners and losers.
  3. Address real problems of tax and regulations crippling investment across the State.
  4. Invest in education and workforce programs to enable job growth in industries of today and tomorrow, not just a college-or-bust approach to education.
  5. Support entrepreneurial and innovation economy investment — not with government dollars being the first ones in, but rather supporting private sector risk-taking.
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