State of Politics: Upstate Jobs Party Endorses Wofford

By State of Politics

Republican attorney general candidate Keith Wofford on Thursday was endorsed by the Upstate Jobs Party, a ballot line created in 2016.

The group is led by businessman Martin Babinec, who ran on the ballot for the 22nd congressional district two years ago.

Babinec has been backing a handful of Democrats and Republicans as the party seeks to build its base up in the coming election cycles. Its most prominent success has been the election of independent Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh, who was endorsed by the Upstate Jobs Party.

“The Upstate Jobs Party looked across the State for the right kind of candidates to support and we’ve found an ideal candidate in Keith Wofford,” Babinec said.

“Keith is whip-smart, dedicated to a comprehensive reform of State government, and well schooled in the issues most important to Upstate New York. After spending time getting to know Keith and his vision for the office and New York, it’s clear he is an ideal candidate to unlock the greatness of our economy, fight the corruption tax we’re currently paying in the State, and reforming our State government.”

Wofford, an attorney in private practice, faces Democratic candidate Letitia James next week.

“I’m honored to have the endorsement and support of the Upstate Jobs Party, as a kid from the east side of Buffalo I know upstate has been ignored for too long,” Wofford said. “As an independent Attorney General, I will fight corruption across the state, so we all stop paying a corruption tax and finally have an opportunity to revive the upstate economy. The men and women upstate have seen too many jobs leave the area. It’s time to turn that around.”