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UNY in the News: Gothamist covers RCV Documentary

New documentary argues ranked-choice voting will boost democracy from Alaska to NYC Could the solution to New York’s notoriously low voter turnout – and even the nation’s hyper-partisan divide – be to change how we all vote? A new documentary playing at Angelika Film Center’s East Village location makes that case. “Majority Rules,” which is […]

UNY in the News: the Brian Lehrer Show

Did you catch the great discussion with Unite NY Executive Director Tim Dunn and Filmmaker AJ Schnack with Brigid Bergin? They covered AJ’s amazing documentary Majority Rules, Ranked Choice Voting in Alaska, NYC and around the US, and even covered the challenges of New York’s closed primary system silencing 3.4 million voters. Have a listen […]

Unite NY Reacts to Connecticut’s Move to Enable Ranked Choice Voting

Unite NY Executive Director Tim Dunn issued the following statement in response to Connecticut Governor LaMont forming a working group to enable RCV: “Today, Connecticut Governor Lamont took an important step in combatting voter apathy by establishing a working group to explore the best way to bring rank choice voting to all forms of elections […]

Unite NY Announces New Plan to Build Stronger Democracy Through More Voices and More Choices

Independent Organization Transitions to Membership Model Focused on Research, Partnership, Education and Advocacy Albany, NY – In order to bring more democracy to more people, Unite NY, an organization focused on bringing together moderate and middle-of-the-road New Yorkers frustrated by the state’s broken, hyper-partisan political system, has announced a change in strategic direction. Beginning in […]

The Party Problem

Looking at the political landscape in New York’s largest cities, it is fair to say, most people are left out of the political process and only a fraction of New York voters are making our state’s political decisions.   In our large cities, the winners of sometimes competitive Democratic primaries coast to victory with almost […]

Unite NY and Larry Sharpe Talk RCV and Open Primaries

Did you catch our Executive Director Tim Dunn and former Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Larry Sharpe on WLEA radio today? Check out their segment discussing Ranked Choice Voting, Open Primaries, a broken system, and how much the NY Yankees and Boards of Elections stink by clicking here.

Unite NY on Capital Tonight!

Did you catch Unite NY Founder Martin Babinec on Capital Tonight with Susan Arbetter? Check it out here, as he talks about Ranked Choice Voting, establishing a new ballot line, and a whole bunch more!