Unite NY Announces Support for Legislative Candidates

Organization Will Circulate Independent Petitions to Secure Spon on Ballot for Both Gubernatorial and Legislative Candidates that have called for Systemic Reform

Albany, NY – Unite NY announced the organization will support the campaigns of a half dozen like-minded reform-focused candidates around the State. Unite NY is committed to creating a statewide ballot line this fall and will circulate petitions to provide a bipartisan slate of legislative candidates an additional line to run on in the November election.

Unite NY cited a focus of putting people over politics as the reason for these candidate decisions, with the organization prioritizing leaders stating their support for important reforms such as Open Primaries, Ranked Choice Voting, Initiative and Referendum, Term Limits, and Vote from Home. These reform issues have been noted regularly as vital to fixing a broken system by a majority of New York voters through Unite’s Voter Empowerment Index, conducted by John Zogby Strategies.

In addition to announcing support for Gubernatorial candidate and turnaround expert Harry Wilson, Unite announced their team will be carrying candidate petitions for an impressive and geographically diverse bipartisan team of candidates, including:

  • Assemblyman Al Stirpe – an incumbent Democrat from Syracuse, Stirpe was an early backer of Open Primaries and is a major voice for education and economic development reform in the Assembly.  Stirpe, a successful businessman and job creator has served six terms in the Assembly and has consistently been a powerful advocate for small business and economic development.
  • Senator Peter Oberacker – the first-term Republican incumbent representing the Mohawk Valley south, Oberacker is a fiercely independent outsider who built a successful career in business leadership prior to engaging in politics.  Redistricting has resulted in a 40 year incumbent being place into a primary with Oberacker and the Unite line will ensure Oberacker has a spot on the November ballot.
  • Senate Candidate Danyela Souza Egorov – a staunch parent’s advocate, Egorov seeks to topple Democratic-machine endorsed and DSA-supported opponents in a three-way Democratic primary in Lower Manhattan.  Danyela is an experienced manager who has worked in business, government, and the nonprofit sector. She is the Founding Board Chair of Brooklyn RISE Charter; a public K-5 school serving 150 students in Sunset Park and is co-founder of the New York State Charter Parent Council, a network of more than 350 families advocating for their schools across the state.
  • Assemblywoman Monica Wallace – the Buffalo incumbent Democrat is a political independent with deep legal knowhow, an unmatched enthusiasm for reform and a dedication to the people of her district.  First elected in 2016, Wallace formed a grassroots team of neighbors, colleagues, and friends to launch a campaign focused on restoring ethical representation for her district in Albany, as her predecessors left mired in scandal.

This bipartisan slate of candidates will strive to bring real reform to a broken New York political system.

Unite NY Founder Martin Babinec said, “This bipartisan slate of candidates have pledged to put people over politics, focusing on delivering results for voters, not party bosses. We are pleased to support this team and secure the unnecessarily high petitioning threshold established by the two-party duopoly.  We know they will continue to fight for Unite NY’s key priorities such as ethics reform, a stronger economy and a more inclusive democracy that opens up the primary process to 3.5 million voters who are currently excluded.”

Assemblymember Al Stirpe said, “I’m honored to receive the endorsement of Unite NY. Getting more voters to participate in the political process has always been a priority for me. This is one way to get a better gauge on what the majority of constituents really want, not just a small active slice of the electorate. This can lead to more electeds willing to compromise in order to reach consensus and get more done. I’ve always been committed to common sense solutions that help businesses thrive, employees to participate in that success, while at the same time, maintaining our wondrous and healthy environment for generations to come.”

Senator Peter Oberacker said, “Albany dysfunction has reached new heights and corruption continues to make headlines. We need transparency, innovative economic ideas, and a more inclusive state government that meets the needs of all.  As a new state senator, with a business and local government background, I believe the time is now to usher in fundamental changes to upend the entrenched political order.  Unite New York is on the right path.”

Senate Candidate Danyela Souza Egorov said, “I am running to represent Lower Manhattan in the NYS Senate because we need common sense policies that will help NY implement the reforms necessary to make our government efficient and responsive to the needs of the people. As a first-time candidate, I have seen how difficult it is to not have the support of the political establishment and will work to bring new and fresh leadership to NY.”

Assemblymember Monica Wallace said, “I first ran for office in 2016 to be the change I wanted to see in government. Since then, I’ve not hesitated to speak out for what I believe is right and to work toward common-sense solutions that help all New Yorkers. I’m honored to have the support of Unite NY, an organization that’s committed to strengthening our democracy through reforms that enhance the voice of every New Yorker to hold government accountable.”

About Unite NY

Unite NY is a new political home in New York State for Republicans, Democrats, conservatives, liberals, and independents to come together to seek common sense solutions.  Focused on a non-partisan approach to fixing real problems in our government, democracy, and economy, Unite NY supports candidates who understand working together is the only way we can succeed.  Learn more at www.UniteNY.org.