Unite NY Kicks Off New Membership Opportunities!

Fighting for more democracy is the driving force behind Unite NY and why the organization works every day to give more voices, more choices. The premise of Unite NY is simple, if democracy in New York is a good thing, more democracy is better.

While driving change in politics is hard, the good news is it’s a lot easier when as many dedicated people as possible work together to make a difference. Unite NY is proud to announce that joining our movement is now easier than ever thanks to new membership links that are now live on this site.

Unite NY now has three membership levels, each with a variety of benefits. They are:

  • Leader:  Leaders are key supporters helping make a difference fixing New York’s broken system. Leaders enjoy all the same benefits and opportunities as General Members. In addition, other benefits include:
    • All benefits of General Membership, including the monthly newsletter and quarterly members-only virtual gatherings, featuring special guests and government/reform leaders
    • Access to an online community with opportunity to engage with others in threaded discussion groups on topics related to reform and advocacy
    • Invites to Leaders-only virtual sessions on selected topics 
    • Early access and “plus one” guest access to all UNY events
    • Learn more: https://uniteny.org/product/leader/
  • Member: Those who join at the membership level care about the mission of Unite NY and want to get involved, stay informed and make a difference. Members receive things such as:
  • Follower: Followers are subscribed to the Unite NY mailing list and receive our monthly newsletter, The Tipping Point, which keeps people up to date with all Unite NY news, events, volunteer opportunities, and more!

With the simple click of a button, anyone can become a member of Unite NY. Having as many members as possible is vitally important to this effort, so please consider not only becoming a member, but forwarding this information to family, friends, and colleagues as well.

Join today and help Unite NY build collaboration among leaders from all parties and persuasions, because once this state puts people over party, voters will get the voices and choices that will truly move us all forward.