Unite NY to Support Assemblyman Al Stirpe for Re-Election

Al Stirpe

Organization Will Circulate Petitions and Stirpe Will Appear on the Unite Line this Fall

Albany, NY – Unite NY today announced the organization will support Al Stirpe’s campaign to be reelected to the New York State Assembly in the 127th District. Unite NY is committed to creating a statewide ballot line this fall and will circulate petitions for Stirpe, a resident of North Syracuse, with an additional line to run on in the November election.

Unite NY cited Assemblyman Stirpe’s long history of putting people over politics as the reason for the endorsement. The Assembly member has repeatedly publicly stated his strong belief that New York must restore public trust via ethics reforms and commit to rebuilding democracy by opening up the primary process to voters who are not enrolled in a party. Stirpe, a successful businessman and job creator has served six terms in the Assembly and has consistently been a powerful advocate for small business and economic development.

Unite NY Onondaga County Chair John Catanzarita said, “Al Stirpe has always put people over politics and been focused on delivering results for his constituents, not party bosses. We are pleased to endorse Al, as we know he will continue to fight for Unite NY’s key priorities such as ethics reform, a stronger economy and a more inclusive democracy that opens up the primary process to 3.5 million voters who are currently excluded.”

Assemblymember Al Stirpe said, “I’m honored to receive the endorsement of Unite NY. Getting more voters to participate in the political process has always been a priority for me. This is one way to get a better gauge on what the majority of constituents really want, not just a small active slice of the electorate. This can lead to more electeds willing to compromise in order to reach consensus and get more done. I’ve always been committed to common sense solutions that help businesses thrive, employees to participate in that success, while at the same time, maintaining our wondrous and healthy environment for generations to come.”

About Unite NY

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