United with Unite America

When Unite NY was initially established, we were inspired by leaders, organizations, and political operations pursuing bipartisan solutions to the problems that could bridge our ever-widening political divide.

But throughout our formation and continued pursuance of sensible solutions to problems facing New York voters, one entity shone most prominently: Unite America.

As a movement of Democrats, Republicans, and independents working together to demand a more representative government for voters across the U.S., Unite America is putting country before the parties and bosses that continue to drive us further and further apart. They’ve devised targeted strategies on elements essential to a preserved democracy, including independent redistricting, ranked choice voting, open primaries, and enhanced access to at-home voting. And perhaps most importantly, through their Unite America Fund—fueled by a philanthropic, nonpartisan donor community focused on the voters-first movement—they’re backing principled candidates intent on doing right by their constituents and building a better country for us all.  

In short, they’re doing on a national level what Unite NY aspires to do at a state level—and they continue to motivate our path forward.

From emphasizing the importance of initiative and referendum to educating voters on the benefits of ranked choice voting, amplifying the benefits of the vote-at-home option, and pushing the state off its nonsensical stance against open primaries, we’re making great strides down the path already paved by our peers.

And as we canvas the state for ideal candidates eager to properly represent the present and future of the Empire State’s populace, we’re staying on that path, committed to the idea that honest, visionary leaders can still unite a country—no matter how bitterly divided.

New Yorkers deserve better, and we’re eager to fight on their behalf. We have a plan, and inspired by the work of Unite America, we know we can achieve great things.  

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