Party Registration is not Required to Make Your Voice Heard!

Albany, NY (September 19, 2023) – Today on National Voter Registration Day, Unite NY is urging any eligible New Yorkers to register to vote. In doing so, Unite NY also reminds them that, like 3.4 million others in New York, a voter does not have to join a political party to be involved in the democratic process.

Unite NY is advocating for a series of democracy reform initiatives that will provide voters with more voices and more choices. In this time of ever-increasing toxicity in politics, Unite NY wants New Yorkers to know that, even if they are frustrated by today’s current political climate, registering to vote and participating the political process are the only way to effect change.

Unite NY Executive Director Tim Dunn said, “Unite NY was founded to fight for reforms that will once again give voters a voice. While we are fighting to fix our current political system, the best way to change it is for as many people as possible to participate in the process. So, on this day we remind everyone who is eligible to register to vote.”

Unaffiliated New Yorkers are the second largest group of voters in New York State, outnumbering the number of people enrolled in the Republican, Conservative, and Working Families Parties combined. Unite NY is pursuing a reform agenda that will give these voters a larger say in the state’s democratic process such as nonpartisan primaries, term limits, easing ballot access requirements, ranked choice voting and initiative and referendum.

Dunn concluded, “We know democracy is good thing and more democracy is even better. So, we applaud efforts to get as many people involved in the process as possible and invite newly registered voters, current registered voters, and voters enrolled in all parties to join our movement to deliver reforms that will give every voter a voice in New York.”
About Unite NY

Unite NY is a movement focused on engaging and empowering voters on important issues of reform that will allow for more voices and more choices and ultimately, more democracy. The membership organization seeks a more fair, open, and representative democracy that results in the voice of voters being heard by evolving the electoral system so that officials put what more voters want ahead of party interests. Learn more at www.uniteny.org.