Upstate Jobs Party Petition Drive Complete Success

Martin Babinec announces the Upstate Jobs Party petition drive meets threshold in only 17 days; qualifies for November ballot line

Pleased with the overwhelming response, Babinec asks for volunteers to continue the Upstate Jobs Party petition drive to send a message that Upstate Jobs are a priority!


Little Falls, New York – Independent and Reform Party candidate for Congress, successful businessman, serial entrepreneur, startup investor and Upstate jobs advocate Martin Babinec today announced that the Upstate Jobs Party petition drive has collected enough signatures to qualify the line for the November ballot – in the first 17 days.


“The Upstate Jobs Party has been met with incredible enthusiasm from voters of all walks of life throughout the district and I’m proud to announce we have already surpassed the signature threshold necessary – but we need more,” said Babinec.


He added, “By signing our petition, voters are sending a strong message to the career politicians and the special interests who want to keep a rigged system in place that the days of broken promises and taxpayer giveaways are coming to an end.”


State Election Law requires at least 3,500 signatures from any registered voter within the Congressional District, who hasn’t already signed a petition, to qualify the line.


Babinec concluded, “If you care about the future of our region, of our families and of our children I’m asking for you to come forward, join our movement and help us gather as many signatures as possible.”


Signup to become an Upstate Jobs Party Ambassador at!