Vote Unite NY Endorses Bipartisan Slate of Candidates Committed to Reform

The Independent Organization Endorses Three Candidates for Seats in the NYS Legislature

Albany, NY – Vote Unite NY today announced the endorsement of a bipartisan slate of candidates for seats in the New York State Legislature. The independent organization formed to find common sense solutions to the state’s most pressing problems has endorsed two Democrats and one Republican with proven records of fighting for democracy reform New York.

For the New York State Senate, Unite has endorsed State Senator Peter Oberacker (R- Schenevus) for reelection in the 51st Senate District. Oberacker is completing his first term in the State Senate and has been vocal in support of needed reforms like ballot access and a more inclusive primary process.

In the Assembly, Unite has endorsed Assemblymember Monica Wallace (D-Lancaster) in the 143rd Assembly district and Assemblymember Al Stirpe (D- North Syracuse) in the 127th Assembly District. Both assembly members have been vocal in fighting for ethics reform and putting people over politics.

Vote Unite NY is dedicated to electing candidates who will work across party lines, support policies that enable pro-democracy reform, and put power in the hands of voters, not party bosses. Today’s endorsements will be backed by a five figure digital ad campaign that supports these candidates and government reform priorities.

Unite NY Founder Martin Babinec said, “We came together as an organization dedicated to creating a fairer, more open state government and to do that, we need leaders in the Senate and Assembly that are working to fix New York State’s problems, regardless of party lines. The three people we have endorsed today are dedicated to making changes that give power to the people of this state and not political party bosses. We are pleased to offer our enthusiastic support and resources for their candidacies. If we are going to turn New York State around, we’ll need more elected officials like these three, and we intend to do all we can see that more reformers join them in the future.”

Senator Peter Oberacker’s commitment to reforming Albany’s broken system is a prime reason for the endorsement. A successful businessman first elected to the New York State Senate in 2020, Senator Oberacker is a strong advocate for lower taxes, less government, and new economic ideas. Additionally, he has called for giving more voters a voice by opening up the primary process to those not enrolled in a party.

Assemblymember Wallace’s history of putting people over politics is cited as the reason for her endorsement. Wallace is one of the leading proponents for ethics reform in Albany and has called for more participation in the political process by opening the primary process to voters who are not enrolled in any party. First elected in 2016, Wallace formed a grassroots team of neighbors, colleagues, and friends to launch a campaign focused on restoring ethical representation for her district in Albany, as her predecessors left mired in scandal.

Assemblyman Stirpe’s long history of putting people over politics is cited as the reason for his endorsement. The Assemblymember has repeatedly publicly stated his strong belief that New York must restore public trust via ethics reforms and commit to rebuilding democracy by opening up the primary process to voters who are not enrolled in a party. Stirpe, a successful businessman and job creator, has served six terms in the Assembly and has consistently been a powerful advocate for small business and economic development.

About Unite NY

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