Voter Empowerment Index

Unite NY’s Voter Empowerment Index

VEI 2.0 first round of findings  for 2023 has been released!

April 18, 2023

One way to drive change is to show policy makers clear numbers on how voters feel. That’s why in 2022, Unite NY launched the Voter Empowerment Index (VEI) to provide independent polling to track voter sentiment on various reforms. That project resulted in significant media coverage and established UNY and the VEI as a go-to resource for input on independent voters and the electorate’s views on reform. This data helps voters, our members, the media, and policy makers understand just how deep the support is for many major issues of reform.

What Did We Find in VEI 1.0?

  • 40% are considering leaving NYS due to broken government
  • More than 50% want Open Primaries
  • 2/3 want term limits and campaign finance reform
  • 60% want to make it easier for candidates to get on the ballot
  • 61% want initiative and referendum
  • More than 50% believe partisan politics has gotten worse since 2020