Why I Fight to Unite

John Bullis

Since the launch of Unite NY a few months ago, the feedback we’ve received has been strong. Our message of People Over Party is resonating. Everyone is tired of hyper-partisan finger pointing. Our leaders need to focus on finding solutions to our most pressing issues!

Fixing a broken system isn’t easy – and starting a new political movement isn’t either. As a proud veteran of the U.S. Navy, I’ve never been afraid of a fight. I want to take a few minutes to explain why I’m fighting to Unite NY and take back our state from party bosses.

I’m fighting to Unite NY because for far too long, too few people have had a say in structuring the system that picks the officials that represent us. From party bosses hand picking candidates, to ultra-low turnout primaries deciding races in noncompetitive districts, the hands of a very few make decisions that affect every one of us……and may, in fact, affect our children and grandchildren for decades.

When we kicked off the Unite NY movement, we knew the first thing we had to do was give voice to common sense, middle of the road, solutions oriented voters. To give you a voice. To give you an opportunity to participate in the process in meaningful and productive ways. We’re fighting to do exactly that. And we’re asking you to join us.

The way we accomplish it is by expanding ballot access and opening our primaries – and we need to do it immediately! Unfortunately, for all but a few of us, things are getting worse. Last year in the dead of night, and under the auspices of a COVID relief bill, a corrupt former NY Governor and many in the NY Legislature killed off five of New York’s minor Parties, leaving half a million New Yorkers with no party at all.

There are now more than 3.5 million New Yorkers not enrolled in a political Party, nearly 400,000 more voters than enrolled Republican, Conservative, and Working Families Party members COMBINED!

Unaffiliated NY voters are shut out of party primaries – and the results are disastrous. Our major Upstate cities held primaries this June, primaries that essentially chose who would lead those cities, and virtually no one showed up to vote.

Paltry primary election turnouts across the state mean that a handful of voters have decided who leads some our largest Upstate cities. Places like Albany, Rochester and Buffalo are in turmoil, and no one outside political bosses participated in the process – millions of unaffiliated NY voters were shut out, while many disaffected others have accepted the status quo.

We’re fighting to end this dysfunctional system! 41 other states have open primaries, there’s no reason we in New York shouldn’t as well. That’s why at Unite NY we’re fighting to let those millions of unaffiliated voices vote in primaries – and we need your help.

That’s also why we’re fighting to push back on New York’s onerous, illegal ballot access laws that make it nearly impossible for other voices to be heard via minor party lines. We’re fighting the state in court and winning! We’re meeting political leaders and building coalitions to make the voice of those who value progress through dialog and compromise louder.

But we need your help! Help us amplify the call for these reforms. Help us fight for open primaries and expanded ballot access. Help us push back on a system that lets unelected party leaders call all the shots.

I’ve lived in New York State my whole life and today my wife Janet and I reside in our solar home on the West Canada Creek in the Town of Fairfield. I’m fighting to Unite NY so that together, we can all make our government work for all of us, not just a few.  Won’t you think about joining us at Unite NY today?